Meet Jeff Owen

image Mum says I built a radio when I was 9 years old. I think I was a bit older, but just hadn’t grown up yet. Still haven’t. I was fascinated by records on the radiogram auto changer. There was the radio part of it too.

Tuning in to stations that had the names on the dial like Budapest, Hilversum or Luxembourg, and those ones where they pretended to be on a boat in the sea.
It was strange, years later, ending up having a go myself, at University Radio Nottingham. I ended up being the boss (poor turnout for the elections). I was meant to be studying for degrees in physics and chemistry.

BBC Radio Nottingham asked me to do a few late night shows for them, just four to start with, and it ended up being three years, thanks to John Peel, but that’s another story.

I joined BBC Leeds, and then later, went back to Radio Nottingham. On the way I got a Sony Gold Award for best programme. I stole it from Kenny Everett, and another broadcasting hero John Dunn, who got silver and bronze ones. My name’s on another couple of Sony awards too and some New York Radio Festival ones. I presented the overnight shows on BBC Radio 2 for a while.

After what seemed like a thousand years going into a dark room, having a conversation with a bit of sponge, and pretending you can see who you’re talking to, it was time to go and do something else. At the end of 2008, I left, vowing never to do that silly talking job again.
Now I’m on here each weekday morning, just like it used to be. It really is a pleasure to be part of a station making radio programmes for you, and working with a team of broadcasters who have the same goals and dreams.

All those years ago, I only went in to get a car sticker, and look what happened.